Unlock Cars, Trucks, Homes, Businesses

When you’re locked out of your car, home, or business, you probably need to get it unlocked as soon as possible. We can help you to get back in quickly and without damage to your property. Call 918-342-9539 anytime. Please understand when we ask for proof of ownership; it wouldn’t be right to unlock someone else’s car or home for you.

Keys Made

For a lock that has no key, we can often make a key to work that lock. Sometimes keys are lost or misplaced; other times, the keys are broken or otherwise destroyed. Car keys are becoming more complex for reasons of security and convenience, but can usually be made even if you don't have a working key. There are some locks that we cannot make keys for, and others that it can be done, but not worth the effort. Sometimes it doesn't make sense to spend more to make a key for a lock than the lock is worth. If that is the case, we may recommend replacing the lock. But for most locks, making a new key to fit the lock is a job we do almost every day. It requires access to the lock, whether you bring the lock to us or we go to the lock. Sometimes, it is not practical or possible to bring the lock to us, so we often take a service van to the lock location. Of course different locks cost different amounts, depending on variables such as the cost of the keys, the kind of lock, and sometimes the distance traveled to get to the lock. We provide quotes for making keys based on the lock type and location every day. Contact us if you need a key made.

Keys Copied

We can copy most keys if you have a good working key. Most keys are common ones that allow access to a home, office, file cabinet, car, etc. Other keys are less common, but can still be copied without a problem. When a key is so worn that it no longer works well, or when the only key is a poorly made copy, a duplicate can sometimes not work. A copy of a copy is always less than perfect. Although we try to do a good job, sometimes the key duplication is unsatisfactory. If this is the case, we can try to recreate a new original key from the copy by estimating the original cuts and cutting a new original key. This of course takes a little more time, but when done accurately will create a new key that works like the original. If we have trouble copying a key, we may ask if it's possible to bring the lock to us. This will allow us to verify the key works and make the necessary adjustments to make a good working key.

There are a few keys that cannot be copied. For example, a key marked "Do Not Duplicate" indicates that the owner of the lock does not want the key copied without their express written permission. This will hopefully prevent employees, friends, or even enemies from having keys copied. Other keys that cannot be copied are special proprietary keys that are licensed by the lock manufacturer to a specific locksmith. These keys can only be copied by the locksmith that originally cut the key. Other keys that cannot be copied are those which the lock manufacturer has created their own key and do not sell key blanks to locksmiths or hardware stores. This is often the case on trailer hitch locks, truck bed covers, and some key operated safe locks. These keys must be obtained directly from the manufacturer or a service company authorized by the manufacturer.

Car Keys

We make car keys for most cars. It is always less expensive if you already have a key to have a spare made, but even if you've lost your last key, we can still make a key for you. We have the ability to cut the normal edge cut keys as well as the high security laser-cut keys. Since 1996, automobile manufacturers have been using transponder keys as an anti-theft security measure. While it has no doubt made cars more difficult to steal, it has made the cost of car ownership rise as well. The convenience factor associated with keys have also caused the prices to increase. Many keys now have remote functions such as locking and unlocking the car built into the key or as a separate fob. These keys are more expensive as they have electronics built into the key. Many cars now even have a push-button start, but still require a "key" to start it. We have those also. Fortunately, most keys have a lower cost alternative key that can be used that will still have the transponder functionality without the electronic remote portion. There are always considerations besides just expense, but we can help you find a less expensive alternative if possible. We do offer keys and remotes for most cars, even up to the latest models. We offer prices competitive to the dealer, often with less time than it would take at the dealer. In most cases, we need to have the car to program keys and remotes, so if you need a key, bring the car with you and we can get you a new key in usually 15 minutes or less. If you don't have a key, we can help you with that also, but I will need to go to the car to make the key, you can expect it to take a bit longer, and of course the cost is a higher. It's always better to get a spare key before you need it.

Safe Lock Service

Safe locks have various types of locks, but the most common is a combination dial or keypad lock. There are times that a combination needs to be changed to prevent access to someone who knows the combination or to make it easier to remember. We can change the combination and make sure that you know the proper dialing sequence to make sure it is opened every time. We can also change your combination dial to an electronic keypad, or your keypad to a dial. Some people prefer one lock over another and want the lock to be changed. This can be done if you like. Occasionally, the lock will need to be serviced or lubricated. If you begin having problems getting your safe opened, call for service before you experience a lockout situation. Most safe problems can be eliminated before a major problem occurs when you notice things don't feel or sound right. Most safes will operate for years without any problem. But when you notice it becoming difficult to open, call for service

Lock Service

There are many kinds of locks and many keys. When a lock stops working like it should, it may be time for service. It may be as simple as a little graphite or other lubricant for the lock, but it may need a new key. The keys and lock tumblers are usually made from brass. Being a soft metal, brass does wear over time. The more a key is put in and out of a lock, the more wear the brass parts have. Eventually, the key will need to be replaced with a newly cut key and/or the lock pins may need to be replaced. We service many types of locks on a regular basis. Each time we rekey a lock, we lubricate and adjust the lock as part of the service. If your keys or locks aren't working well, or you have to wiggle the key to get it to work, you ought to have your lock serviced before the lock fails. Many locks will work just fine for years on end, but without a little maintenance once in a while, they may become difficult to use. We can help you get the lock back in working order or recommend a suitable replacement.

Rekeying Locks

There are times that a lock should be rekeyed. For example: if you lose your house keys, it may be time to rekey your locks. It's not necessary to replace serviceable locks, but rather to change keys. Some locks need to be repaired or replaced, but normally we can change the tumblers in locks to accommodate a new key so that the old key won't work. This is typically the easiest, quickest, and least expensive option. We most often rekey homes and businesses. Other types of locks can sometimes be rekeyed as well, but not all. If you feel the need to have your keys changed, give us a call to see what we can do for you.